A review of the Lowepro Pro Messenger AW Series Bag

Lowepro bags rock. I do a ton of traveling with my gear and my big Lowepro roller bag has always done the job of safely getting my stuff from point A to point B. When it came time for actual shooting, that was another story. Up until a few months ago I was either lugging around 2 cameras and returning to my big roller, which was hidden away somewhere, to switch out lenses, or using a very uncomfortable, flimsy lens bag… Shall we call it a "black sac"?

Lowepro recently sent me the Pro Messenger AW Series bag to test out and I've totally fallen in love with it. It's a great bag to not only carry your gear, but also shoot comfortably with. Here's why:

- The strap. Seriously, if Lowepro JUST sold the strap on it's own as an attachment they would make a million dollars. It is the best camera bag strap I have ever tried. It hugs your shoulder. You should buy this bag just for the strap.

- The velcro flap. When you want your gear to stay nice and tight for traveling the bag seals up with the biggest, strongest, loudest velcro pads I've ever seen on a bag. You could literally do summersaults while wearing it and that flap is staying closed. When you're shooting a wedding and want to switch lenses without being DJ Velcro during the ceremony, the flap folds up and the bag is closed with a silent magnetic seal. Genius.

- You can fit a ton of gear in this tiny little bag. I can pack in a 35mm, 50mm, 45mm tilt shift, flash, and a Canon Mark III body with a 85mm lens on it. Oh and my iPad if I want to get crazy. Amazing.

- It looks great. It's clean and simple, and there are no huge visible logos screaming out that it's a camera bag.